Bakery and Cakery & Riann Smith are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes the personal information I through my website at, emails, texts or phones calls as well as and any Social Media platforms I use to talk to you, my customers, as well as how we collect and use that information.

The term “personal information” is defined as details that you voluntarily provide to us/me that personally identifies you and/or your contact information, such as your name, phone number, and email address.

This Privacy Policy applies to all website visitors, customers and potential customers. By engaging with Bakery and Cakery name and its products or services, you agree to this Privacy Policy, without modification, and acknowledge reading it. You also agree to reviewing this policy periodically to make yourself aware of any changes, which I will post here, on this page.

What Information does Bakery & Cakery collect?

I only collect the personal information which you have provided to me willingly, which is relevant to any enquiry you make or course you buy. I also collect digital data about your interactions with my website

This may include:

Your name
Your email address 
Your Busiess Website
Your Business Social Media Pages
IP address
Your interaction with

But I will never ask you for information that is not relevant to the products and/or services you have bought or enquired about.

What will Bakery & Cakery do with that information?

Most of the time, personal information I gather will be used to better understand the business problems my audience has and better serve your needs.

Your details are also essential for me to administer my courses and serve you.

I may also send you emails from time to time, and use your info to improve the service I provide.

Visitor Tracking

I may record information regarding your use of my Website, such as the searches you make, the pages you view, your browser type, IP address, requested URL, referring URL, and timestamp information.

I use this type of information to judge how well the Website is serving My Business and also you, as the Customer.


My Website may send cookies to your computer in order to uniquely identify your browser and improve the quality of's service. The term “cookies” refers to small pieces of information that a website sends to your computer’s hard drive while you are viewing This may be both session cookies (which expire once you close your browser) and persistent cookies (which stay on your computer until you delete them). You have the ability to accept or decline cookies using your web browser settings. If you choose to disable cookies, some areas of may not work properly or at all.


As I collect all of this useful data, it would be remiss of me not to put it to good use. So Tracking and Cookie data may be used to target adverts and marketing campaigns more suited to your interests. For you, that means more relevant Cake, Bakes, Products or Courses, which I’m are sure you will agree is no bad thing.

If you have given me express consent to contact you about products, courses, promotions or events beyond general contact about a specific purchase then I will do so. However, I will never spam you, because spam sucks. You can feel free to Unsubscribe at any point, simply by messaging me on any of our Social Media accounts which can be found here:




Or via email here:

Or by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of any of our emails

I am always thrilled to receive updates on your business, successes you've had and breakthroughs you'd like to celebrate with me. I would very much like to use these for my marketing, whether that be on my website, social media accounts, print media or paid advertising. I will always obtain your explicit consent before doing so.

What 3rd Parties does Bakery & Cakery connect with?

I do share your information with trusted 3rd parties who help us run the Bakery and Cakery website, processing payments, hosting my courses and servicing clients and web visitors. These trusted 3rd parties agree to keep this information confidential. Your personal information will never be shared with unrelated 3rd parties and you will be advised or it will be clear who your information has been shared with.

If you want to more about about how any of our 3rd Parties treat your personal information please feel free to check out their Privacy Policies.

My Trusted 3rd Parties are:

Squarespace Teachable Paypal Stripe Mailchimp ConvertKit Google Analytics Backups in secure files in Google Cloud

Social Media

I use Social Media, as it's 2018 and it's pretty established practice now. Mostly to share pictures of cakes, cookies, bakes and Baking Business Tips. But also to advertise my products, services, courses, workshops and events we are attending.
You are not required to follow our Social Media accounts.


Iaccept payments via Paypal and Stripe. I only keep details of the nature of the payment and it’s connected products or services.

I am not provided your card or bank details by our Paypal or Stripe. If you would like more information please check the Payment Gateway Privacy Policy, listed in the '3rd Parties' section above.

How does Bakery & Cakery store and protect this data?

I take the security of the personal information you have trusted Me with very seriously and have taken precautions to keep it secure.

I keep no paper records and all digital records are kept in a secure public cloud and are themselves password protected so no one could accidentally access them. Only 1 person has access to this, me.

All emails exchanged between Myself and you are stored in My Email Account which is password protected. Emails are periodically deleted when they are no longer needed for active or potential purchases.

I currently use 2 Email Marketing Systems, MailChimp & ConvertKit, to store and tag all customer email addresses. This is also password protected and is only accessed by 1 person.

All messages exchanged through any Social Media Messaging platform (such as Facebook or Instagram) are password protected and can only be accessed by Me with multi factor authentication. These messages will also be deleted periodically when they are no longer needed for active purchases or enquiries.

Any payments received through one of My Payment Gateways, Paypal or Stripe, are protected by the security measures of that Payment Gateway as well as password protection and multi factor authentication where available.

It is no ones intention that your personal information be accessed by an unauthorised 3rd Party for misuse or disclosure. With that being said, no exchange of data over the Internet can be guaranteed as 100% secure. While I/we make every effort to protect your personal information shared with us, you acknowledge that the personal information you share with us willingly through, My Social Media Accounts or Data Storage System could be accessed or manipulated by a 3rd party.

You agree that I are not responsible for any intercepted information shared through without my knowledge or permission. Additionally, you release Me from any and all claims arising out of or related to the use of such intercepted information in any unauthorised manner.

Your Right To Be Forgotten

You have the right to request from Me details of all personal information I hold about you. You can also request that we destroy or permanently delete all of this information, which we will gladly do. I cannot, however, delete or destroy any records that specifically relate to your purchase history as I am legally obligated to keep these records for Tax purposes. I can't risk annoying the Tax Man!

Should you request a full report of all personal information I hold about you I will reply within 4 weeks of this request and try to provide you with that report as soon as possible after our initial reply.

Please know that I have no intention of making you wait longer than is necessary for this report, while also acknowledging that I am currenly running this business single handed with a finite amount of time. This is no way infringes on your Right To Be Forgotten.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, would like to request information regarding your personal data or you just want to chat about cakes and cookies then you can reach me here:

Happy Baking one and all!!