What is Cakery?

Ok, so no one has actually asked me this (yet) but I'm pretty sure someone would ask me ... eventually ... maybe. So I thought I would deal with it right off the bat. Bakery is a term most people are familiar with, and cake (I hope) most people will have eaten at some point. Cakery, however, is a term I came up with.

eggs-butter-milk-muffinsI doubt I was the first. In fact, I know I wasn't as there are a couple of web domains with it in, I know, I tried to buy them when setting up this blog.  I'm also not likely to be the last, baking is so hot right now.

As for what it means, well there are many things that go into a cake. I mean many layers to the - oh dear - there is literally no way to explain this without a cake pun.

I use it to cover all aspects of cake design, making, baking and decorating.  An all encompassing term for all things cake.  And perhaps some yummy not-directly-cake things too.  Just to keep it confusing.

It's not especially clever and I doubt it'll win me a Pulitzer or make it into the Oxford Dictionary any time soon. But I like it.

So there you have it folks, Cakery - all things cake.